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#005 // 29/04/22

Snafu Zero


We welcome the High-Octane bass ‘madman’ Zero 

ZERO has been causing chaos in the bass scene on both a national and international level, with his music being championed by the likes of Chris Lorenzo, Holy Goof, My Nu Leng, Jamie Duggan, Joyryde and Turno.

Dubbed as ‘an absolute madman’ by Dj Mag. His music has been described as a thick wall of wavetable bass and sub flexing kicks. Energy, chaos and bass is the only language Zero speaks and he’s ready to turn Fab's upside down



'Madman' doesn't do Zero justice. He's off the scale. Ballistic bass, warping percussions, dynamic dubs. Zero had it all. Not to mention he was shelling to his younger cousin for the first time. Prior to the event, I get a message from Zero for guest-list for his 18 year-old cousin. He tells me it's the first time they've seen one another for over 10 years. What a moment, bringing the two together whilst Zero rocks a crowd of the next generation, most likely now completely obsessed with bass music, courtesy of some Zero mixing magic. The last time I saw a crowd that energetic was for Sammy Virji, the floor was bouncing the dancefloor was packed and everyone was fixated on the madman doing his business. I had to literally drag Zero from the decks as his set went on for 15 minutes past closing time, nobody seemed to mind at all. The bar staff, door staff and everyone involved just wanted to hear more. A sweaty Zero having shelled out for nearly two hours comes off the decks to hug the majority of the audience, to share a moment of appreciation for the musical brilliance they had just shared together for the last few hours. 

I don't think we'll see a moment like that for a long while, a truly down to earth musician. Doing it for the people and a complete party animal. We want him back, he already said he's coming back whether I wanted to or not. So I suppose that settles it. 2023 here we come, and we're bringing Zero with us. 


Snafu Zero Poster
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