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Sweet Female Attitude, the artist that single handedly soundtracked your Durham experience. Flowers was released in 2001 and has aged like fine wine. Their debut UKG track peaked at number 2 in the UK Top 40, and later went on to be crowned a platinum single. All during a time when dance music was undergoing a renaissance, much like it currently is.

Back in 2000 the Mancunian based collective were comprised of Mike Powell, DJ Shine MC and a then 17 year old Leanne Brown. Fast forward 23 years and over a hundred releases across multiple platforms SFA is still going strong and continuing their legacy through Leanne.

SFA are hard to pinpoint to a specific considering their huge release catalogue. All we do know is they’ve stuck to their classic roots. It’s hard to think of many artists that have had as much influence on the mainstream dance scene over the past 20 years than SFA. We invite them up to show them what Durham has to offer. We’re collaborating with Rotate yet again to bring you another amazing party just like last time round. This time to kick off the post exam period in style.

As always, the usual chaos from us. Bring the energy


Little did we know an artists that started her career before most of our audience were born would still have such a grip on your hearts. That's testament to Leanne's legacy as an artist. Sweet Female Attitude was potentially the busiest show we've ever done, with all you staying with that lovely chaotic energy from start to finish. 

Accompanied by her partner (Andrew) the duo took us on a journey of all things classic garage and club music. With Andrew taking care of selector business, Leanne belted all those classic clubland and garage bangers from the top of her lungs for well over an hour. Her voice wasn't the only one to be heard, we all sang in joyful unison for a truly special hour of blissful euphoria. Accompanied by nothing but a glass of proseco and a microphone, Sweet Female Attitude showed us why they're still more relevant than ever in the dance scene. Taking us all back to a simpler time, an unwavering sense of nostalgia that has defined our lives and our journey into dance music. 

The whole room erupted when 'Flowers' was played, a track that topped out at #2 in the top40 all the way back in the early noughties. Considering the rig we brought in for the show, to hear a chorus  of voices all belting the same lyrics was beyond impressive. It was at that moment I knew we had found a fan favourite and trust us, she will be back. 


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