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#008 // 28/10/22

Snafu Scarlett O'Malley


SCARLETT O’MALLEY is bringing a whole lotta soul with her, DJing a tantalising mix of dance music from throughout the ages. A regular on the London and festival circuits, Scarlett regularly performs in Ibiza, and has toured Europe and the States.



Scarlett O 'Malley. The Queen of DIsco and Funk and lord, did she live up to the name. Picking Scarlett up from the train her personality and flair was evident from the get go. After seeing her play at Lost Village, we knew exactly what to expect. Bubbly brilliance. Her passion for life and the music was evident. At nearly thirty years of age, Scarlett is evidently living her best life still. After getting her to the Angel, this was more than evident. Down to earth and willing to chat to anyone, spreading her love for what she does and her love for every walk of life. With everyone seated outside, Scarlett steps up and starts playing that exquisite funk sound and within minutes the floor was full. The party truly started then. She played a blistering set of funk, house, soul and disco. She later described the set as one of her 'favourites' and 'everything I was putting down, the crowd were picking up'. We're just confirming, all of this is true. The crowd swayed, ramped up, calmed down on Scarlett's every whim. In those couple of hours, Scarlett was the queen and we were simply the servants. 


Her love for life, music and the party come into its own at the afterparty. Playing to a bunch of strangers who had never heard of her. She absolutely rocked them, like the messiah converting the masses. Her ability to get people to groove is like that of a pastor or monarch with their followers. She elevates those around her and shows them a new path. The whole night was simply magic, witnessing somebody so intrinsically connected to the music and showcasing it to anyone willing to listen. We'll be getting Scarlett back after that performance, make no mistake on that. What a night and what a booking to set this year off.  


Snafu Scarlett O'Malley Poster
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