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#010 // 10/02/23



Now 10 shows in and we're kicking it off with a bang. Sammy Virji is back. His highly anticipated return is finally here and he's bringing along his good friend Zero. For those who can remember our #002 show with Sammy Virji will remember just how mental that night was. Pure energy and unrivalled chaos in little Fab's, now in the new Loft and throw Zero into the mix expect triple the chaos.

Sammy Virji well and truly needs no introduction. The hottest bass/garage producer around right now. Sell out show after sell out show. His meteoric rise is unrelenting and watching his journey progress to stardom over the past few years has been a pleasure. We're so excited to be having him back and honoured that he's still willing to bring the carnage to DH1. We could list all the festivals, releases and accolades Sammy has achieved, but it would be pointless. He's essentially done it all. He's back and better than ever and we know you're going to love it.

And as if that wasn't enough we've invited 'Absolute madman' Zero to join the party. A headliner in his own right, Zero played for us earlier this year and tore the roof down. Unrivalled zeal, passion and chaotic production. Zero has been making his own moves, up and down the country selling out shows and occasionally joining the Crucast team on their huge shows. Bass and chaos is the only language Zero speaks and he'll be ready to turn Loft inside out.

Support from the incredible Harry Cotterell. Rotate's main man and deserved of his position in the scene. He's primed and ready to get your ears warmed up nicely for the two superstars we have on show.



We haven’t fully got the words for what went down on Friday night. We all witnessed history as Sammy Virji and Zero went B2B for the first time ever. Their sets alone we’re legendary enough but there was something special in the air when they hopped behind the decks together. 

We kicked the night off with our first ever secret set, an idea that Christian (Zero) and Connor (his agent) absolutely loved. We utilised the new technology of SeatlabNFT to get the idea off the ground. Hosting a lottery for people to register interest and then the lucky winners got a text with the co-ordinates and the timings just hours before the set. Much like they used to do in the 90's. Kicking off proceedings was the formidable Dux.  A technical wizard behind the decks that truly had us all stunned. Mixing a dark blend of garage, breaks and dubstep his technical know-how around the decks was something to be admired. Before shortly handing over the reigns to our headliner Zero. An hour of an 'anything goes' set that witnessed some spectacular unreleased goodies and all that impeccable bass that we know and love him for. 

We then had an hour to turf you all out and get set up in Loft for the main event. Zero went off to chat with the amazing Avantika for a little deeper insight to Zero's life and how he became this bass music megastar. Harry Cotterell, the rotate main man took the reigns on warm up duty. Mixing some delicious breaks and garage, a sound we don't often get to hear from him. The little magician warmed you all beautifully, signature of Harry with his infectious energy behind the decks. With a packed out Loft now ready for the main acts they'd all been waiting for weeks to see. The time had arrived. Zero takes centre stage and shells one of the most dazzling sets we've ever seen. Combining his signature warping bass style with unreleased goodies and those classic sign alongs that worked you all into a frenzy. The club was sweating, oozing with energy. Behind the decks all we could see was a sea of carnage, with people getting lost in the moment. Two hours down and we hadn't even seen Sammy Virji yet. 

Sammy takes centre stage after a very warm reception from you all. He starts as he means to go on, straight to business with the garage goodness. Warping bass and heavy percussive sound designed for moments exactly like this. To hype the crowd and watch them lose their minds. His staple tunes littered throughout the night sent people into bedlam, 'Daga Da', 'Whippet' and his unreleased track with Flowdan hitting those sweet spots. The energy never faltered, heavy bass all night injecting Loft with so much energy. Our best kept secret wasn't even here yet. Both Sammy Virji and Zero on an exclusive and world first B2B. Theres only word for that final thirty minutes and it's chaos. Something we do so well, but never done like this. Chaotic energy, fast paced, ever changing mixing styles making the perfect sounds to end the night. Once the night did end, none of you wanted to leave. 'One more song' - 'one more song' everyone chants. Unfortunately it wasn't to be.  

Sammy and Zero have both said they want to make this a staple, a yearly event where the two talismanic DJ's come together in Durham to bring the chaos. We of course obliged, so expect these two back, and hopefully sooner than you think. 


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