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#002 // 28/01/22

Snafu Sammy Virji


We weren't kidding when we said we're bringing the hottest dance music artists to Durham. For our second instalment we're hosting the most infectiously happy and energetic bass artists around, Sammy Virji.

Sammy Virji needs no introduction, hailed as one of the most influential UKG/Bass artists. Sammy has gone from strength to strength with exceptional releases on the likes of Kiwi and Deeprot. His sound has spread internationally with his music getting radio time in the U.S.A from the likes of Anna Lunoe. Alongside numerous international festival's including Outlook and Springbreak only to be bolstered by an impressive selection of UK dates. Sammy Vriji is shaping up to be a bass megastar and we couldn't be happier for him.



I meet Sammy at the front of the venue with his long term friend Cunning MC. The two often perform together, but I had no word from Sammy's agents and to my surprise, Cunning asked to MC the night. No need to think this one over YES! Attracting the likes of Sammy Virji to FAB'S is an incredible feat but to have the two perform together was such a treat. 

Sammy Virji sat downstairs to sort a few things before getting lost in conversation with Fabio the owner, after declining a pint (Sammy was taking part in dry January, fair play). We take him upstairs where he was revered like a god. You lot showed Sammy some serious love, an artists of this calibre in Durham never-mind Fab's had people amazed. Signs declaring their love for Sammy littered the crowd. The main man, unphased took to the decks after long term friends LUDO and YOUNGY warmed the crowd up brilliantly, and shelled potentially the best set Durham has ever seen and the crowd went ballistic. Limbs, signs, drinks everywhere as the crowd moved in pure bass ecstasy. A mistake on our end for not bolting down the booth as it swayed back and forth with the crowd, the decks unplugged the sound for a moment. Not to worry, no one seemed to care. After watching Sammy Virji up close, his wizardry was evident, calm, cool and collected and not to mention professional and brilliant. 

DUX, newcastle's best technical DJ (in my opinion) took over and send the crowd into bliss. Bass, breaks, edits and more bass. DUX rubbed shoulders with legends not for the first time and showed why he belongs there. 

Thanks to everyone that came, the night was truly the best I've ever run and I'm going to struggle matching it, but we will eventually. A huge thank you to the team, promoters and staff for making an incredible journey and a special thanks to Sammy Virji everyones favourite UKG DJ.


Snafu Sammy Virji Poster
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