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#012 // 02/06/23


"Just fucking have fun"

A mantra very similar to our own. We welcome the enigmatic salute for his Durham debut, kicking off your summer the only way we know how. The Manchester-based maverick has elevated their game and is shooting for the top. Unapologetically infectious, but never obvious, salute makes joyful music that wears its heart on its sleeve. So much so, our favourite artists Sammy Virji, DJ Seinfeld and Barry Can’t Swim have salute’s tracks on rotation. salute's artistic knowhow has garnered critical acclaim from the likes of Boiler Room, Warehouse Project and Mixmag.


salute joins us just before he starts the festival circuit at the likes of Parklife, Access Festival, El Dorado and many more. Feel good selector Salute is all about good vibes and good times; “I want anyone who listens to my music to feel good about themselves while doing so. That feeling of confidence, that is sexy to me.” The team can attest to this, knowing the transformative ability of salute’s upbeat repertoire.


Coming to you straight after exams, we’re on a collision course with summer. salute is the selector to bring the energy, the joy and the chaos.



Joyful. Vibrant. Eclectic. The list goes on for words to describe salute. Their set was beyond phenomenal. An hour and half of pure joy, a sprinkling of trademark salute tracks, delicately mixed with stomping garage edits and ballistic classic house tracks. A set that truly had it all and took us all on an absolute journey through Felix's exquisite taste. Felix has been on a collision course with success for sometime now and to see it up close and personal, it really doesn't take a genius to figure out why. 

The day starts with setting the club up and preparing for Felix's arrival. Upon arrival it's evident that salute had been doing the rounds, fresh off an insane tour schedule to be followed by an all night long set the following day in Paris. Felix lives most of our dreams, but beyond humble and happy to join us in Durham, Felix tells me with excitement what's in store for us. 

Before we knew it the secret set was upon us. Fresh kids on the block Prideaux and Archie Mac warm up proceedings beautifully and the futures in safe hands with these two. Followed on by a few familiar faces. Koog takes the helm and delivers a sweltering hour of his signature house in the glorious sunshine. Only to be followed by the duo that had been there from the start. Ludo and Youngy, shelling out some delicious dub and garage. Sometimes delicately, sometimes not so... We'll leave them be, they've not mixed in a long time. 


Game time in the club. Ishaan and Cttrl going B2B and setting the energy just right before the moment we've all been waiting for. Felix steps up and delivers possibly the best 90 minutes Loft has and will ever see. Electric energy in the room from start to finish. We literally had to throw you all out despite the mass appeals for encore. Thank you all so much for attending. To be able to bring these levels of artists wouldn't be possible without you.


Who's ready for a salute return? 


(we don't have any sorry, our photographer pulled out last minute)...

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