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#011 // 11/03/23



Easily the biggest event we've ever done. The ever sagacious Ross From Friends joins us for an exquisite night of equanimous dance music from a man who has pushed sound, production and serene music to the limits.

On our inveterate quest to bring underground dance music to Durham, this feels like the icing on the cake. Collaborating with our good friends and North East powerhouses in Chain Reaction, a collective that have been making strides to push the North East's cultural significance.


Ross From Friends, AKA British producer Felix Clary Weatherall, an
artist who demonstrates an ever-increasing mastery of his craft, ‘Tread’ is a record that is at once sleek and melodic but also eminently danceable, nostalgic but brilliantly modern. NME praised Felix's unique sonic identity as “a mind-melting picture that takes in house, techno, jazz and ambient music, and ties it together to make something distinctly unique” and Rolling Stone declared him “a master of fun, gooey textures”. Similar praise came from the likes of Resident Advisor, The Wire, Pitchfork, AV Club, Loud & Quiet, DJ Mag, Clash, PopMatters, FADER and more.

Ross From Friends has graced stages at the likes of Coachella, Glastonbury, Primavera, Lost Village, Green man and Sonar to name a few. 2022 witnessed multiple sold-out dates across previous tours throughout the UK, EU, Australia and North America. Felix really has made his sound international become a global superstar off the back of it.



One of the most electric nights we've ever thrown. Theres a reason Ross From Friends is one of the best in the game. A two hour sonic journey through a genre bending soundscape. I've often thought about what separates the top DJ's from the rest, it's not tune selection or mixing ability, but its their ability to take you on a journey and ease you in and out of energy. Controlling your every move and emotion. Ross From Friends is a true master at this. Before we had a moment to collect ourselves, Tailor Jae steps up and shells the most zestful and dynamic hour of jungle and DnB Durham has ever seen. A three hour mastery in dance music and all its forms, delivered by two of the most respected jockeys in their field. 


The night starts as it always does in absolute chaos. Train strikes sending myself and Lily into panic mode. Felix makes the train fine, however Tailor's train is cancelled causing us to scramble fast on getting her up. All the while we're back where it all started. Running our second ever secret set in Fab's with the incredible Ben Prophet (who it all began with), Forelle and Jod. It felt good to be home, reminiscent of how far we've come but a happy return nonetheless.  


Fast forward a couple of hours and we get to meet both Felix (Ross From Friends) and Tailor for the first time. Humble and happy to be here, we talk all things music, life and Durham. I'm too star struck and in disbelief that I'm stood in front of greatness, a man that has defined modern sound and was a massive influence in my early adoption of dance music. The international sensation has also not only agreed but is having a great time in little old Durham. The whole crew got on with both Felix and Tailor a treat, with CTTRLL speaking (at length) about the music scene right now and the adoption of emotional dance music. I left the club feeling on cloud nine, I had just witnessed personal history for Durham. I didn't even really think about the fact I was up in 4 hours to pick our artists up again to take them to the station on their jollies home. 

Easily my favourite night to date and one I did completely sober, which tells you everything you need to know. 


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