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#016 // 29/09/23


It's hard to think of an artist that has conquered all corners of dance music like Redlight has. Under Redlight Hugh Pescod shot dance music into the mainstream with 'Get Out My Head' and '9TS (90's Baby) to name a few. Having hit these heights Hugh took a turn toward his jungle roots with Clipz, an alias that has seen Clipz release remixes of Four Tet's ‘Pager’ and the entire album ‘Everything is Recorded’ on XL recordings (the only other remix album they’ve done after Jamie XX).

“I’ve always tried to live in the moment you know, at whatever age and however the situation, I’ve just aimed to be true to myself and make the most if it. I started really young, growing up as a teenager in and around Bristol in the 90’s. Creating music, art and friendships has been central to everything – for me it’s always been about street culture, independence and productivity.”

Redlight’s career has taken him from the deepest underground rave bunkers to the glitter spangled big rooms of global superclubs, playing a significant role in reshaping Britain’s musical landscape with a string of iconic tracks. Redlight can confidently be placed amongst the UK’s most consistent and exciting producers of recent years. There’s been a slew of stand out releases via his own Lobster Boy label with features from Kojo Funds, Liv Dawson and the late Prodigy of Mobb Deep, as well as a UK Top 10 hit in ‘Lost In Your Love’ via Polydor Records, plus remixes for the likes of Cee Lo Green, Tink and Ms Dynamite, and even a single with legendary Wu-Tang Clan founding member Raekwon on the ’36 EP'.

Also releasing a growing roster of label talent such as Sly One, Boeke, Mele, Mella D, Arma to name a few, with Four studio albums to date and another one set to be released in 2023, things aren't gonna be slowing down anytime soon.



Redlight never fails to deliver. After seeing him across multiple festivals and his songs defining dance music during my adolescence. It was only fitting that I brought him along to headline. Geared to the nines with tracks to blow everyone away, I knew that this night would be special. Redlight had taken a hiatus from the scene due to personal reasons and we had the privilege of being one of his first shows in two years. 

Hugh has been working extremely hard over the years to become one of the most influential dance artists in the UK. Not only that his DnB alias Clipz continues to make waves in that world. We actually found out that Redlight had been to Durham over 10 years ago for a ball. A ballgown and penguin suit affair, that I know he couldn't stand. This time back in a venue and with a crowd that appreciates him, Hugh took us through an extended two hour set and dropped every single track you'd expect him to. Relentless reverberations of nostalgia echoed through Loft, not to mention all the heat that he's been working on recently. His set was enigmatic yet alluring beyond belief, everyone in the crowd clasping to every track as we all moved through the evening in bliss. Some set, Hugh will be track. Trust us. 


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