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OPAQUE | 25/02/22

Snafu O'Flynn


O'Flynn returns to Durham for a day and night party and he’s bringing along rising stars Jacana People 

Hailed as dance music’s most prosperous newcomers by Boiler Room, O’Flynn has since prospered and become one of the most exciting producer / Dj talents on the planet. We’ve managed to bring him to Durham in the middle of his long festival tours that include Lost Village, Fly Open Air and many more.

Jacana people are the rising duo that sit somewhere between house, ambient electronic and world music. Yet, their releases have sonically matured and expanded on one another. Their tracks provide a sense of wanderlust and fans of Four Tet and Caribou will find a home with these two.



O'flynn & Jacana People graced Durham for an incredible day and night party. Combining two very different artists, the enigmatic O'Flynn who feels as though he has been around forever. However, his short and meteoric rise has been testament to his profound ability to masterfully create some of the best dance tracks in recent history. So good in fact that Bonobo wanted a piece of the action. Putting him alongside rising duo Jacana People, the new kids on the block that have developed a refreshing and unique sound that is built on the foundation of ethereal melodies and trance like beats. 


The two shelled out a packed out boat, the busiest we've ever seen it whilst Jude and Arkley-B warmed up in spectacular fashion. Often in Durham the crowd is either purely student based, or purely local based, built on the stigma surrounding both groups. Refreshingly this crowd combined both. Stigma, prejudice and ill-formed animosity was thrown out the window. There was nothing but love for the music and one another. This has always been an aim of mine. All are welcome to our shows, as long as you bring the energy and the vibe, everyone is welcome. 


I have no doubt that the selectors played a huge role in this. The crowd were locked in from start to finish, clinging onto every track, riding the emotional wave of melody. Only ever stopping to grab a pint, go for a cig, or catch some air. Blazing one track after another, O'flynn and Jacana People took us all on a blissful journey through dance, the sun beat down on a happily dancing crowd and we're only halfway there...


The sun waving goodbye to the night-time on a warm summer night, we grace Loft to do it all over again. Jacana People take centre stage to a packed out, sweaty dance-floor. 90 minutes of pure elating dance music, the highs and lows of melody and dark rolling grooves. Feeling the emotion from their songs ooze onto the crowd. Followed by a true master of his craft, equipped with a warm Carling because I'd sillily left his Guinness rider on the boat, O'Flynn showed us why he's hailed as one of the most exciting producers the U.K has witnessed in recent history. Finishing on his monster Otomo track with Bonobo, nobody wanted to leave. A special, special night to go down in the history books. 


Snafu O'Flynn Poster
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