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PANGEA | 09/06/22

Snafu Kanine


Putting the woof into subwoofer since he emerged in 2016, KANINE’s been tearing up the Drum ‘N’ Bass scene on an international level. Described as a ‘bouncy, breakbeat driven slammer,’ his tunes are guaranteed to make heads roll. Known for his energetic and ridiculously bass heavy sets, he’s not here to mess about.

We’ve also managed to secure two insane support acts: Skantia and Nectax. Regarded as two of the best the North-East has to offer, they’ll be bringing a mixture of wobbly tunes, jump-up DnB and old school jungle to our fine establishment.


Backed by heavyweight D’n’B label Ram Records, Skantia is one of the brightest talents in the scene. His cult like following in the toon has spread to a national level. His dark style is unmatched in the scene, ranging from dark techy riffs to unbeatable jump up classics. A pioneering force to be reckoned with.


Toon legend Nectax has received national acclaim from some of the biggest names in the game. A style that refuses to be pigeon holed, ranging from beautiful liquid bass to the dark, ballistic heavy rollers. Which Nectax you get on the day is up to him, but all we do know is he brings the party wherever he goes.



Our collab with Pangea witnessed potentially one of the biggest underground dance artists Durham has ever seen. Alongside North East up-comers Skantia and Nectax, Kanine took centre stage for a blistering night full of that incredible Drum and Bass music. I watched Kanine from backstage last year when my good friend Chris Heeney booked him under his brand Rush. I've never watched somebody command four decks with the speed and efficiency that Kanine, all without breaking a sweat. Off the back of closing out one of America's largest festivals in EDC, Kanine took a short stop gap to join us for his first club show since his Rush event. He has reached such a level that his work now commands him to traverse the globe playing out festivals. In what he described as a refreshing stop from those festival gigs, he then heads over to Glastonbury to enjoy a final blowout before changing studio's and set to work on a full length album (he never stops). 

I have never witnessed a crowd like that in Durham. I always come to these and mention crowd energy, but this was one was truly unmatched. Everybody in attendance was locked in. Not a single phone in sight, and sweaty bodies hurling themselves all over whilst they let a true master of their craft command their emotions, energy and movements. To those that have never seen Kanine play, you don't get a minute to stop or think. He is in control. Mixing an incredible 100 or so songs in an hour, those drops just continue to hit like a raging tide and they continue to get heavier and dirtier. 

Support from the likes of Skantia and Nectax make complete sense. The Drum and Bass scene is extremely tight knit, and must easily be one of the most competitive scenes. Only the elite of the elite make it to the heights of Kanine and both Skantia and Nectax are following in tow. Off the back of his full album launch Skantia had a few unreleased goodness up his sleeve to keep everyone locked in once Kanine's time was over. Nectax was the perfect warm up, more rolling and darker grungier Drum and Bass to get you all limbered up for the madness that ensued. 

A huge thank you to the Pangea crew who helped make it possible. They've been incredible this year in creating a sub-culture for all those D'n'B heads in Durham. Sharing similar mantra's, just with different music, it was a match that made total sense. Expect a lot more from us next year. 


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