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ROTATE | 27/04/22

Snafu Higgo


Higgo is a hot topic of conversation having quickly climbing the ranks of the UKG scene, boasting a range of the hottest tracks right now including Dynamite, Interlude and Here Goes to name but a few.

A pioneer of the UKG scene, Higgo has brought the genre into the limelight with his leading remix of Estelle’s - American Boy which makes the rounds in every Durham club. Bolstering his diverse musical portfolio is his spectacular remix of Jaden Thompson’s Closer and his triumph: a remix of Disclosure’s - Restless which has received support from Radio 1 as well as the brothers themselves.

Higgo has rightfully earned the accolade of the most in demand selector around, with a huge roster of remixes under his belt. We’re gassed to have him headline for us in the second collaboration between ROTATE and SNAFU and to start summer term in style

I don't think we'll see a moment like that for a long while, a truly down to earth musician. Doing it for the people and a complete party animal. We want him back, he already said he's coming back whether I wanted to or not. So I suppose that settles it. 2023 here we come, and we're bringing Zero with us. 



Teaming up with Rotate is always an honour. They're the original underground brand, they've been a huge part of the Durham experience and its burst in underground culture. For their first ever gig we thought we'd bring in heavyweight garage Dj HIGGO. His musical style bridges the gap between underground and mainstream in such a cool way, synonymous with Rotate's mantra. Durhams musical evolution can be thanked by this hybrid between the mainstream culture and the underground, blending those club anthems with something a little more raw is what seems to get everyone going here. To hear a bassline edit of Beyonce or a two-step flip of Estelle's American Boy is every Durham attendee's dream. Well, in steps HIGGO. The mastermind behind the incredible American Boy edit. An edit that can be heard across the city in every venue. 

Higgo lived up to the hype, a young man on an unbelievably steep trajectory up. A humble man that had travelled a good six-hours to play an hour for us all. It would be easy for Higgo to forget his underground roots, especially now he's touching shoulders with giants such as Disclosure, Conducta and Sammy Virji. His hour set was ballistic, full of unreleased heat and got the crowd raving for more. The Rotate boys in support did an insane job of warming a packed out Fab's very nicely. What a night, bless to all that came. 


Snafu Higgo Poster
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