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OPAQUE | 27/05/22

Snafu Dan Shake


Dan Shake is finally back. Ladies and gentlemen THIS IS NOT A DRILL.
We’re gassed to have teamed up with SNAFU who know how to put on a party for this one.

Taking the whole front page of Mixmag last month, Dan’s DJ career has gone from strength to strength, shutting down huge events and festivals on the reg.

We are truly honoured to have a DJ of this calibre right on our doorstep and we know this is a night that you cannot sleep on.

After bringing the roof down in Babylon in 2019, Dan is returning to do it all over again with a masterful blend of groovy disco and hard hitting house that’s sure to get everyone loose on the dance floor.



Fresh off his honeymoon and after a dizzying tour schedule. Dan Shake graced the booth for a stunning two hour set full of that delightful disco and house he's renowned for. Dan Shake truly lives up to his billing, a super charged, enigmatic selector that leaves you hanging onto every tune. Throughout his set it's evident that he doesn't rely on his tune selection, he relies on the relationship he navigates between the track, himself and the crowd. Energised, with arms spread wide in his signature bucket hat, he took us on a journey of happiness, fuelled by nothing but his trusted Carling and a love for what he does. 


You guys were insane too, riding every groove and melody after an incredible day party on the boat. A day filled with sun, beer and good music all equating to a wicked time. Youngy, Inigo and Listen took you through the tunes and warm up journey in spectacular fashion. Doing their usual business on the Snafu boat. A huge thank you to Opaque for the collaboration.


Snafu Dan Shake Poster
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