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#009 // 18/11/22



He’s back..

Durham’s favourite DJ, now an international dance music master sitting on what is sure to be one of the best dance albums of the year. The one and only Barry Can’t Swim or more locally known as Daddy Barry returns to Durham for his usual contemporary dad dancing and incredibly tasteful dance tracks. A taste that spans the full electronic spectrum and has been paramount to his meteoric success.

For our debut in the brand new Loft we could think of nobody better to take the helm. Don’t sleep on this one, our final event of the year is going to be a belter.

Oh and we celebrate our first birthday, what more of an excuse do you need?



Barry Can't Swim. Where do we start with this. A man that needs no introduction. An instant sell-out event in our brand new club, Loft. Celebrating our 1st Birthday. An absolutely electric crowd, that danced quite literally all night long. We had to kick you all out at the end. What a night. Too many amazing factors to even begin to focus on just one. On a personal note, I had the time of my life. After what was a pretty disappointing summer show because of ticket sales, it was so nice to bounce back with a sell-out. I think last summer was an odd one, the covid effect, people going home. It just didn't feel like the classic Durham summers I've become accustomed to. To grace a new club, celebrate our first birthday and sell out was a huge relief for me. We've had the best time and shows with Barry Can't Swim. We didn't want to on our first Birthday. We've always just wanted to throw amazing parties and that will never change, so to throw the party of the year meant the world to us. 


Barry Can't Swim took the time out of his immense schedule to come join us, along with his legendary agent Oran. Rocking up just before his set, he walked into a sea of people, sweat dripping from the walls and thick haze from the smoke machine. Walking through the crowd, all of you we're pointing with elation. 'There he is', 'Oh my God, its Barry'. It felt like escorting a rockstar through the paparazzi, which is testament to the impact he has had on the scene in Durham. He took centre stage and just blew you all away for what I think is the best 90 minutes I've ever seen. Something new, something fresh and different from anything we have seen from BCS (we've seen him a lot) and you guys picked up everything he put down. Fiercely dancing at the front, the decks were shaking with the energy in the crowd. For 90 minutes we were all in elation. Dancing and swaying as one, in the huge new Loft. We can't thank you enough, it's almost beyond belief how far the scene has come in just one short year. To sell out Loft last year would have been near enough impossible for us. Barry Can't Swim has become a cultural icon, and has helped us spearhead this new movement. We could think of nobody better to celebrate our 1st Birthday. Thank you all for being there. A night, seriously for the history books. 


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