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ROTATE | 11/01/23



After the crazy year he’s had since last playing in Durham, we couldn’t be more excited to see what he’s gonna bring this time round.

Based in Newcastle, Cutting has been smashing it on TikTok, providing viewers with the best Track IDs in the House and Techno world. Gaining over 200k followers and 4 million likes on the platform, as well as over 25k likes on his ridiculously good Spotify playlist ‘Adam Cutting Selects’ (seriously worth a browse), Cutting has now started producing his own music. With his top track, ‘Wish You Well’ gaining over 650,000 plays, Cutting’s very own groovy and techy tunes are destined to blow the roof off of Loft.

Expect some of the best in house and tech house all night long, and keep an eye out for some of the crazy edits that he’s got up his sleeve.



Adam Cutting needs no introduction for most. A NorthEast powerhouse of a DJ and producer. He has carved a name for himself in a seriously competitive underground scene. However, that's not even the most impressive aspect of his personal brand. He has amassed millions of plays on his own production, but his social media presence and reach is beyond belief. Going viral on the likes of Tik-Tok and Instagram, Adams content has pushed his brand into the stratosphere. We met Adam Cutting through a friend, the brilliant photographer Tiree Taylor. We booked him last year and the Rotate team absolutely loved him,, they of course danced the night away with us last year. Harry Cotterell, personal mad fan was super keen to get him down to play and kick off 2023 with a bang. We were also beyond keen, I picked up Adam from his place and began to chat about the NE scene and how he had been getting on. Very well for those wondering, he had signed to an agency and he had gone full-time into DJ, production and content creation. What an achievement. I was beyond pleased for him. 

We got to the club where myself and the Rotate team had been hard at work putting the decks in the middle of the dancefloor, our signature camoflague netting and of course the camera set up to record all the madness that was to follow. I got into the club and couldn't help but get excited. A feeling you somewhat lose as you get older, a feeling of nervousness. A weird one considering I'm doing dry January, and testament to the new layout, Adam's incredible track selection and the energy of the crowd. I completely forgot I wasn't drinking. What a feeling, Adam thrashing out wave after wave of classic groovy house and terrific techno. His ability to combine the real underground sound with lyrics that are instantly recognisable is his staple piece. He can whip crowds into frenzies.

Admittedly, ticket sales were no where near our usual however every single person in that room brought their A-game. Thank you again for an incredible night. Honestly, something truly special happened in Loft that night and it almost entirely came from the energy of you lot. 


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