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Snafu Adam Cutting


Head honcho of his own cutting shapes label, Adam Cutting has been carving a name for himself in the North East scene. His signature and nostalgic house sound has earned him acclaim in Newcastle, with multiple headline shows throughout the city. Recently Adam Cutting has rocketed to national acclaim with incredible edits of trending songs to bolster his already impressive production. Bridging the gap between the underground and the mainstream, Adam's socials have reach new heights, showcasing his musical taste via Tik-Tok he has amassed 1.6 million likes on the platform only highlighting how respected and accessible his music is. His total streams just recently surpassed that 1 million mark on Soundcloud and he shows no sign of slowing down.

Adam Cutting goes way beyond just having an impressive social following, the young man is set for new heights. His own label is due its first release and highlights an exciting milestone, coincided with his recent support for Techno legend Rebuke. We can't think of anyone more perfect for bringing the good times at this charity event.



Man of the moment Adam Cutting took the short journey down from the toon to provide a blistering set of all that funky tech and house music. Support from our young starlet Koog was the perfect collaboration. Their signature techy style complimented one another perfectly. Adam had the crowd whipping in a frenzy, that signature mantra of bridging the mainstream with the underground has served him well on a national level, and it was evident in this localised setting. A refreshing blend for Durham clubbers, a city often labelled dull and lacking culture, where cheese is the only kind of music played in the clubs. Adam had a very difficult job of convincing a completely new Snafu crowd to get on board with the underground. A job he completed with ease. For a generation that missed clubbing through Covid, Adam's success is evidently down to bridging that gap. This new generation need the combination of party bangers with deep rolling techy beats to get them engaged and into the underground scene. 

The night was aimed to raise money for Autistica, with over £350 raised the night was a storming success and the T-Shirt sales rocketed after the night. Thank you to everyone that firstly attended and to those that bought tee's. It fills my heart with happiness knowing that people are cutting around in Snafu Tee's and are supporting a great cause. The first of many campaigns, I assure you all that. 


Snafu Adam Cutting Poster
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